Singing lessons

Singing method

The method

I teach a balanced vocal technique focusing on the vocal cords, the larynx, and air/muscle usage when singing.


How often

It is advised that the first lesson is 1-hour and then a minimum of weekly 1/2 hour lessons initially to benefit from the technique. Students can also come two or more times a week or once a fortnight. It really depends on availability, finance and motivation.

What to expect

Firstly I will get a bit of history from you (singing, performance, and medical if relevant)

Then assess your voice to see where the issues lie, this is done on a scale and sound, and at times a song.

Once I know where the issues lie I will run through specific scales and sounds to counteract the issues.

To begin with, you will spend the majority time on vocal exercises to help you to sing in a healthy way and to understand the process of singing. When you are grasping the basic concepts, you will start to apply the exercises to songs.


If you have song/s you would like to work on then please bring these along to your lessons. You will need to provide backing, accompaniment or music.


Please bring along a device to record your lesson so that you can practice between lessons and re-visit the instructions. I will also be recording the lesson for my records.